Fitness classes as a resident perk are a powerful marketing tool. Yoga and fitness classes for residents can help property managers attract new renters, increase retention rates, and maximize resident satisfaction.

Design a custom fitness program for your Chicago area residential community with Sona Fitness. We’ll help you offer fitness to residents without having to worry about the details. 

Make Yoga and Fitness Classes a Resident Perk

Whatever your plans for a fitness program, we can help. Our team of personal trainers, fitness planners and coaches can help you build a resident fitness program that powers your marketing.  Our residential programs include:

  • On-site fitness classes

  • On-site personal training

  • Yoga classes at your facility

  • Gym memberships to our studio

  • Discounted classes in our studio

Launch a Fitness Program for Residents

Let us help you design a fitness/wellness program that your residents will love. We offer a range of class types, and provide fitness programming throughout Chicago and the North Shore.


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