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Sona is a Gaelic word, which translates to prosperity and happiness. To us, personal fitness is important to achieving Sona. The physical and psychological benefits of exercise are numerous. And socializing with classmates and trainers contributes to emotional well-being.

We incorporate the Sona ethos into everything we do. From our classes, to the design concept of our studio, you’ll notice the Sona influence.

That means: Small, welcoming classes. A bright, airy studio. Empowering and inspiring workouts. And personalized and fun fitness programming. Ultimately, we strive to use exercise as a tool to help our clients feel happier and healthier, on the path to total Sona.



We believe that reaching your fitness goals starts with you. If you aren’t in love with your workouts, staying motivated is a challenge. That’s why one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work.

Our training philosophy takes this into account. We build workout plans designed for you. During an initial consultation, you meet with a personal trainer to discuss your fitness goals, likes and dislikes. Your trainer then develops a systematic fitness program that will help you reach those goals.

We focus on functional training (improving balance, mobility, endurance and strength), to help you reach your goals safely and injury-free. And convenience is another tenet of our philosophy. We develop a workout plan that fits your schedule, and choose workouts that naturally motivate you.


  • Small, welcoming classes

  • Professional, friendly and safety-oriented coaching

  • Individualized fitness planning

  • Knowledgeable, expert instructors

  • Fun, engaging class environments

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