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7 Tips to help maximize your Quarantine Wellness

#Quarantine #socialdistancing and #tigerking are brand new terms in our personal dictionaries. We're under pressure in more facets of our life than we care to admit. And just like everyone else, you follow people on social media who have achieved their quarantine #goals. These achievers work full time, learn ten new skills through e-courses, begin their new photography business, now speak fluent in 4 languages, have 3 new Tik Tok videos that have gone viral, and somehow still manage to get in a workout and take pictures of their food. The grass is greener everywhere, so without feeling undue pressure, how do we practice self-care and find success in our personal goals?

Our schedules can be really tough to balance, so when it comes to health and wellness, let's make this a no judgement zone, Notice the bold letters?

Your week can range from the most productive to the least, and that's okay! Listen to your body and mind, and choose activities that will bring a smile to your face. Maybe that's getting your butt kicked in a Live HIIT workout, maybe it is meditating to detach from the stress, and let's be honest, maybe it's Tiger King.

Now you're ready to maximize your personal wellness, so, how do we do it?

1. Take it one day at a time - Know that every day will be different. There are a lot of factors that go into our energy level for that day, and quarantine is a No Judgement Zone! Remember? So take a personal scan each morning, and plan your day based on your current needs. Real Talk: some days I just need ice cream!

2. Accountability via "The Buddy System" - Social distancing makes human connection seem impossible, but we can still experience life together. Need a glass of wine today? Set up a virtual happy hour with friends. Feel like you need a workout? Sign up for a live stream class with friends. We are more likely to check off our to-do list when we know our "buddy" is holding us accountable.

3. A transformable space - Not all of us can have an entire gym in our house that looks like it was installed by Kim Kardashian's designer. For your workouts, designate a space in your house that is easy to transform. Whether you have a basement, floor space in your bedroom, or are able to easily move the coffee table for an exercise mat, designate the space where you will train prior to starting your workout. Since convenience is the key to consistency, an easy transformation is crucial.

4. Plan your Wellness -Between work, kids, and the stress of everyday life, it is very easy to put your self-care at the bottom of the list. Set a time for your wellness. Plan your workout, meditation, or even netflix and chill. "I'll get to that sometime today" usually ends up being a lost promise of yesterday.

5. Don't be afraid to Pause - Don't be afraid to pause, whether it is a online workout, movie, or meditation course. Sometimes we all need a second.

6. Less is Still More - Some days will be so chaotic, getting in an entire workout/happy hour/meditation is not in the cards. That's totally fine. Even if you only get 5 minutes to your activity of choice, you will still reap the benefits.

7. Find what makes you happy - Find a workout, meditation, or movie that makes you feel good. We are all in this together, and positivity can go a long way.

Moral of the story, you do YOU!

If it is online workouts you need, we got you. My company, Sona Fitness, is offering FREE live stream exercise classes for kids (hopefully to help give the parents a little time for themselves), live stream classes for adults, and remote personal training. 20% of remote personal training proceeds are going to The Ounce of Prevention Fund helping Chicago families in need during these unprecedented times

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