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5 Things you need to know about our upcoming Evanston location

Dylan and I are so ecstatic to be announcing our upcoming brick and mortar studio in Evanston. Before we jump in to what you need to know, let's revisit how this all began. After Dylan and I got married we started Sona Fitness. We always dreamed of starting our own business, and we wanted to created an approachable fitness company. Exercise can mean something different for everyone, and that's totally fine! I see way too many intense and superficial gyms and studios that come across as intimidating and abrasive. While muscles are cool, the mental health benefits that can come from exercise are extraordinary. We wanted to create a space that was individualized, lighthearted, functional, and somewhere you leave feeling happier. That is where Sona comes in. Sona is Gaelic for prosperity and happiness, and that is truly something we strive to bring to our clients each and everyday.

What does this mean for the space? What can you expect at our Evanston Studio?

1. Our Semi-Private Classes will have you rethinking the "Group Class" set up.

Don't expect to be packed into a massive group class at Sona Fitness. Our Semi-Private Classes will have a capacity of 5 participants. We will offer a plethora of class types (including Strength, HIIT, Cardio/Core, and Yoga), and will maintain an individualized focus on each participant. Don't be a sardine in a crowded room full of strangers trying to guess if you're doing the correct exercise. We are bridging the gap between personal training and group classes with our Semi-Private Classes. Don't worry about buying an expensive monthly membership to access this high-level training. All of our class packages are available a la carte and don't expire so you only pay for what you use. Don't throw yourself into a crowd, come check out our classes and get the smart training attention you deserve.

2. In-Studio Personal Training for the win.

Personal Training is our bread and butter and while virtual training and in-home training are fantastic options for some, not everybody has the ability to workout from home. For this reason, we are pumped to welcome these folks into our new studio! Just like with virtual and in-home training, your in-studio personal training experience will be molded to YOUR goals; maybe that is increasing mobility with private yoga sessions, maybe you are working on core strength postpartum, or maybe you are training for a race. Whatever it may be, our brilliant trainers will be able to lead you through a program that fits your needs and goals. Take your fitness to the next level with any of the Personal Training options offered at Sona Fitness.

3. We care for your daycare.

As Dylan and I have learned over the last month with our newborn baby boy, parents need a break! We are excited to announce that we will be offering in-studio childcare services in the near future. As brand new parents, we are finding out that it is not easy to balance multiple schedules and make time for yourself, so we want to alleviate this burden as much as possible. Whether participating in a semi-private class or a private training session, you'll be able to take advantage of our childcare service for a small fee. Sometimes you just need a moment to breathe, and then workout :)

4. Whenever you need me, I'll be there!

Just like The Spinners said, whenever you call us, Sona will be there...whenever you want us, Sona will be there. With Personal Training you will have the flexibility to train in-studio, in-home or virtually. In addition to our Semi-Private Classes in-studio, our Sona Online app contains hundreds of hours of On-Demand and Live Stream content from your favorite Sona Fitness instructors. So whatever you budget, location, or timing may be, we'll be arooouuunnnd.

5. Most importantly, our small business service will blow you away.

Our goal is to send you away from Sona with a smile on your face, and our service will do just that. Not only will you be greeted with joy and treated as a member of the Sona Fitness family; but our small business service will also shine through in your exercise experience. Whether you are brand new to working out or a seasoned veteran, this is the beauty of Semi-Private classes and Personal Training, it is personalized to you! We are here to make sure the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, you are getting the workout you need and the attention you deserve. Dylan and I have always been blown away by the small business community in Evanston, and we feel honored to join the group and continue the good-natured and personable vibes.

Stay tuned on the official grand opening of our upcoming location. Try us for FREE to start! Begin your 2 week FREE trial on the Sona Online App, try your first Semi-Private Class FREE, and set up your FREE consultation for Personal Training! We truly cannot wait to see you at the Studio!

Email or call us with any questions!


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