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3 Things to remember when signing up for Cardio/Core

Yogilates, Barre Bootcamp, Trampoline Karate, and more...everyone is trying to invent the next new thing. We believe you should stick to the science: full body resistance training, cardiovascular training, and mobility training. Stability, Strength, and Power: those are the three main goals in your Sona Curriculum. Stability involves increasing range of motion and balance training, which you will receive in Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. Strength involves full body resistance training, which you will receive in our strength classes. Power involves explosive movements to increase your heart rate and work your cardiovascular endurance as well, which you will receive in Cardio/Core and HIIT.

"Hold up, what is this Cardio/Core?" you may be asking. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are just creating a more efficient curriculum to keep you well rounded in your fitness pursuits. You've got your upper body resistance training (Strength), lower body resistance training (Strength), interval training (HIIT and Cardio/Core), and mobility and balance training (Yoga and Yoga Sculpt). You are probably pretty familiar with HIIT, Strength, Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt. So let's break down 3 things to remember when you are signing up for this mysterious Cardio/Core.

1. You do NOT have to be a runner to take Cardio/Core

The cardiovascular efforts in Cardio/Core do involve a treadmill, bike, and bodyweight exercises to get your heart rate up; however, this does not mean you have to be a runner. All of our cardio efforts are heart rate based, so whether you are running or walking on the treadmill is your choice. The instructor will guide you through your proper heart rate zones for that workout to optimize your workout.

2. This is not a class filled with crunches!

Okay crunches are not a bad thing, but it is simply not the only way to work the core! This class will focus on all layers of the core, from the deepest to the most superficial (most superficial being your rectus abdominis aka your crunches). An unbelievable 80% of the population experiences low back pain(National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2014), and these people are often advised to strengthen their core. This does not mean work superficially by doing crunches. We want to make sure we have a strong core stabilizing the spine to relieve the low back. There are many layers of your core, and neglecting the deep ones can lead to injury no matter how much you workout.

3.You hate doing cardio and core? Trust me you will love this class

If thinking about cardio or core work makes you cringe, we hear you. That is why we created this class. It is not about combining the most undesired activities. It is simply about making it fun. With a covid-safe circuit, and exercises you never knew of before, you will learn about yourself, your spinal stability, and your incredible endurance. Okay it sounds like we are trying to add a cherry on-top, but trust us. This class exudes creativity in programming, and will have you smiling after.

We always strive to create an environment without intimidation and fear. So do not stress at this new name "Cardio/Core". We are excited for you to try it, sweat, smile, and have the most stable spine out there. What could be better than that?

Are you convinced yet? So it is time to sign up then!

Here is a link to our class schedule, and if you haven't checked out a class yet use promo code: FIRST-FREE to get your first one free.

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